Watershed Festival Music Concert Stage in Gorge, Washington



Frequently Asked Questions


When can I buy passes & camping?

Passes and camping for Watershed 2024 are TBA.

Where do I buy my passes?

Passes & camping will be sold on Front Gate Tickets! The ONLY valid places to purchase are WatershedFest.com, FrontGateTickets.com, or Ticketmaster’s Verified Ticket Exchange.

What time will the festival start/end each day?

Typically, gates open at 1 pm each day, and show ends around 11 pm each night.

What's a "Shedder"?

Only the greatest group of country fans in the world – our loyal WaterSHED(DERS)!

What will the weather be like?

It's typically hot & sunny with a nice steady breeze. Make sure you stake your tent down properly – we get a good gust of wind out there every so often.

And, though it likely goes without saying: sunscreen and hydrate regularly!

Can I come on site and sell stuff?

Only approved and licensed vendors are allowed to sell "stuff" on site. Our 2023 vendor application will be available soon.

Is there any public transportation to the Gorge Amphitheatre?

Unfortunately not. The nearest Greyhound stop is about 14 miles away in Quincy and the nearest Amtrak stop is in Wenatchee, 45 miles from the venue.

You can always catch a short flight from Sea-Tac Airport to Pangborn Airport in Wenatchee, where there are a number of rental car options.

I don't want to camp. Can I just commute and park each day?

You sure can! The Gorge Amphitheatre provides day parking to patrons at no additional cost. All day parking is first come, first serve.

Need a Sign Language Interpreter?

We are happy to tend to the needs of our ADA patrons. If you'd like a sign language interpreter, send your request to info@watershedfest.com.

What is your COVID-19 protocol?

 We do not currently have any COVID-19 entry protocols for Watershed.

Help, I lost something at the festival. Who can I contact?

All lost and found items are held at campground guest services located just inside Gate D at the Standard campground.

To inquire about lost and found items please visit https://www.gorgecamping.com/lost-found and fill out a lost item form.

Venue/ Festival Site

Are there any restrictions as to what I can bring into the venue?

Attendees are NOT permitted to bring any of the items listen below into the venue:

Any beverages aside from: Up to one (1) Gallon factory sealed bottle of water.
Glass Bottles or Cans
Zoom Lens Cameras
Coolers or Large Bags
Illegal Substances – Yes, this includes marijuana
Laser Pointers
Animals (except service animals)
Recorders (audio or video) Go pros included
Selfie Sticks
Aerosol Cans
Drones - Drones are strictly prohibited from all of the festival grounds as well as campgrounds.
Large chairs

What is the bag policy?

BAG POLICY: Hydration packs (i.e. camelbaks) that are 1.5L or smaller and clutch-style bags 6” x 9” (15cm x 23cm). All other bags larger than 6” x 9” (15cm x 23cm) must be smaller than 12” x 6” x 12” (30cm x 15cm x 30cm) and clear. Medically necessary bags and diaper bags are also welcome.
*All containers and bags are subject to inspection.

Is that a "no" to bringing in a cooler?

Correct. You may not bring a hard cooler into the venue.

What CAN I bring into the festival?

- Strollers
- Disposable cameras
- Small camera with no detachable zoom lens or flash
- Up to one (1) gallon factory sealed or empty bottles of water
- (1) Small (1 gallon) clear bag of snacks.
- Low-profile beach style chair. The seat should be no more than 9” off the ground and it should not have a high back. Lawn chairs will also be available for rent at the venue.
- Camel baks (1.5-liter, empty)
- small 6 pack soft sided cooler (if used for medical use only)
- Sunscreen (non-aerosol)
Hydration packs (i.e. camelbaks) that are 1.5L or smaller and clutch-style bags 6” x 9” (15cm x 23cm). All other bags larger than 6” x 9” (15cm x 23cm) must be smaller than 12” x 6” x 12” (30cm x 15cm x 30cm) and clear. Medically necessary bags and diaper bags are also welcome.

*All containers and bags are subject to inspection.

Can I bring in some snacks and drinks?

Each attendee is permitted to bring one (1) gallon factory sealed bottles of water and as many snacks as one can fit into a one (1) gallon CLEAR plastic bag.

All other snacks and drinks will be confiscated at the festival gates.

Can I come and go from the festival site each day?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come and go from the festival site each day!

Do you sell alcohol?

Yes we do. Just make sure to bring a valid photo ID and drink responsibly.

Are strollers allowed inside the venue?

Yes, strollers are allowed inside the venue, but please note that they are subject to search. You’d be surprised what people try to hide behind the kid!

Can I bring in my medical prescription and/or diabetic insulin inside the venue?

You can, but you must advise the security guard at the gate to avoid confiscation. They will call medics to assist you.

Can I bring in some marijuana?

Recent changes to WA state law regarding marijuana are a little confusing, but the law clearly states that the use AND display of marijuana in public is still illegal. Please respect and obey the law. We will not be permitting marijuana use at Watershed.

Why can't I bring an umbrella?

Because they are a crowd nuisance and a poking hazard that obscure the view of the people behind them.

What is the restroom situation?

There are plentiful port-a-johns and hand washing stations on site for General Admission patrons. For VIP Club members and box seat holders, air-conditioned, flushable restrooms are provided.

Do you have ATMs?

We will not have ATMs at the festival this year and won't be accepting cash inside the venue. We advise all attendees to bring a credit card or sign up for cashless via wristband registration (pay using the swipe of your wristband and enter your pin) or visit the cash to card station inside the festival.

Is there a First Aid Station/Medic on site?

Sure is. Please ask any staff member and they will point you in the right direction.

Do you sell sunscreen on site?

You can find sunscreen and other necessities at the campground General Store and in The Gorge venue store.

Where can I find ice?

-General Store near Big Rig
-Camp Store at the entrance at Gate D
-The Pivot (the centerpoint of Premier, Standard, and Family Camping)

Where can I park overnight?

There is no overnight parking allowed in any parking lot. To leave your car overnight at the Gorge, you’ll need to buy a camping pass for it and park it in the campground. We do not have separate overnight parking. If you don’t want to leave your car in the campground, we suggest looking for overnight parking in Vantage, Ephrata, Quincy, and Ellensburg.

Can I bring my own chair into the venue?

You can bring a low-profile beach style chair. The seat should be no more than 9” off the ground and it should not have a high back. Lawn chairs will also be available for rent at the venue.

Can I pay for things inside the venue using cash?

No! However, you have the below options:
- We'll be accepting credit card and cashless wristband payments only. Once you receive your festival wristband, you'll be able to go to our Wristband Registration page and sign up for cashless. You'll be able to pay for items using the swipe of your wristband (and entering your preferred pin number). Our wristband registration page will be here on WatershedFest.com once wristbands are distributed.
- You may also use our cash to card station to inside the festival.


When can I buy my festival passes?

Passes for 2024 are TBA.

How many tickets am I allowed to purchase?

You may buy up to 6 passes per household.

For camping you can purchase 6 Standards sites OR 2 sites in Big Rig, Premier, Oasis or Terrace.

When will I receive my festival wristband?

Wristbands will be shipped approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the festival.

What happens if I lose or break my wristband?

Don’t lose or break it. Wristband replacement is subject to verification of the order. If you break, damage or lose your wristband, please bring your order number and photo ID to our box office. There is a $10 wristband replacement fee.

Is there an official place to buy or sell my passes?

Yes! Fans now can sell and purchase through Ticketmaster’s Verified Ticket Exchange. If you can no longer attend and wish to resell your ticket, sign into your Front Gate Tickets account and under “Your Account,” select “Order History” to list your ticket on Ticketmaster Verified Exchange. Festival passes purchased through an unauthorized source and/or are counterfeit will not be allowed entry.
Please note, VIP Club Reserved Seating is not eligible for resale.

Can I slide off my wristband and give it to someone else to use?

No, your wristband needs to be on tight enough that it does not slide off and is good for you and only you. Wristbands that have been tampered with will be void and lost wristbands cannot be replaced for any reason.

I need to pick up my passes at Will Call. Where is it?

Will call is at the Box Office located just north of the Gorge main entrance. Picking up your passes at Will Call? Make sure you have your order confirmation and photo ID with you! Our Box Office will also be open to purchase passes when you walk up! Our Box Office is open Thursday August 3, 1 pm-10 pm, and Friday, August 4-Sunday, August 6, 11 am-10 pm. Camping Will Call is open 24 hours on festival weekend and located at Gate A and Gate D. Download our Box Office map on our Festival Passes page.

I saw someone selling print-at-home tickets. Are they "legit"?

Nope. There are no print-at-home options for this show and ALL festival passes are wristbands only.

Be wary when buying passes anywhere other than the official Front Gate Tickets website or TIcketmaster Ticket Exchange. We see our fair share of forgeries and bad tickets, and they will not get you into the festival. We are unable to validate any passes sold through other people or websites. The only way to assure you have a valid pass is to purchase yourself at Front Gate Tickets or Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange and have the passes shipped to you directly.

Do I need to buy my child a pass for Watershed?

All children 2 and under are free in our General Admission area! Otherwise, yes.


When can I buy my camping pass?

Camping passes for 2024 are TBA.

Where do I buy camping passes?

Passes & camping will be sold on Front Gate Tickets! The ONLY valid places to purchase are Watershedfest.com, FrontGateTickets.com and Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange.

When does camping open and what are the hours?

Campground hours for 2024 are TBA.

Can I bring a golf cart with me?

No, no personal motorized vehicles (golf carts, segways, scooters, etc) are allowed in the campgrounds.

What is the campsite contest this year?

Compete to win the new "Shedderville Award" in our Campsite Decorating Contest! 2024 contest is TBA.

Are there showers in the campgrounds and do they cost anything?

Hot and cold showers are available and are free. Showers in Standard Camping are located in the Pivot. Separate shower facilities are provided within other campgrounds.

Is there ADA Camping available?

Yes! You would need to purchase a Standard Campsite. There is a designated ADA camping section within the Standard Camping area available to those with current, valid disability placards or plates. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, check out the ADA camping section at WatershedFest.com/Camping.

Is alcohol allowed in the campgrounds?

As long as you are of age, alcohol is permitted within the confines of your individual campsite. No open containers or alcohol consumption is permitted in public areas or on roads.

I want to camp next to my friends. Can I reserve a campsite for them?

Campsite spaces will be allocated as you arrive to your campground. Spaces cannot be held or reserved for any reason. If you would like to camp next to your friends, you will all need to arrive together. There is no way around this.

I have a RV. Which campground should I choose?

Campers/Trailers/Motorhomes are welcome in all campgrounds with the exception of Oasis. However, PREMIER, TERRACE, and BIG RIG are better suited to larger vehicles (ex: Class A and larger Class C). Be sure to check out the campsite sizes under each campground description on our camping page.
CAMPING TIP: Have a camping unit but are unable to locate a campsite that fits? You may also purchase 2 campsites together to create one larger campsite and to spread out.

Do I need a festival wristband in order to camp?

Yes, everyone must have a festival wristband in order to enter campground areas.

Is there a general store on property where I can pick up a few items?

Yes. The store has a wide variety of beer, soft drinks and snacks, and some of those little necessities you may have forgotten, such as sunscreen, basic toiletries, etc. The General Store is located close to GATE D.

How many people can I have at my campsite?

We allow as many people as can comfortably fit within the confines of your designated site. Our only exception to that rule is for Terrace Camping – for which the max occupancy per site is 6. Glamping capacities vary from 2, 3, and 4 people based on the tent option you select.

Can I bring my dog with me?

No*. Please leave Fido and all other pets at home. If we see an animal in a car or running around the campgrounds unattended, we will alert the authorities and your pet(s) may be taken to a shelter for their own welfare. All vehicles are subject to search. You may be subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals.

*SERVICE ANIMALS are allowed.

What do I do with my car if I'm staying with friends who are camping?

Campsites are permitted one-steering wheel. Any extra vehicles will need to purchase a Standard Camping pass to park in overnight. We have no overnight parking lot.

Are camping passes sold per person or vehicle?

Per vehicle! Campsites are not sold per person.

Is there re-entry in the campgrounds?

There are re-entry privileges for vehicles in the campground, but please keep in mind that someone might park or encroach on your spot while you’re gone, and the venue wouldn’t be held responsible. Additionally, you may experience lengthy delays if you leave/return during high traffic time periods (especially on Thursday and Friday). Please get a re-entry pass from the staff before you leave the campground.

My festival wristband is at Will Call. Will I be able to enter the campground without it?

You can stop at the box office to pick up your festival wristband at will call before heading over to your campground. If you arrive outside of box office hours, you’ll be let into the campground if you bring your order confirmation (as long as you also have a camping pass for your vehicle). You'll need to grab your festival pass the next morning from the box office in order to stay in the campgrounds.

My camping pass is at Will Call. Where do I go to pick it up so I can enter?

Will Call for camping passes will be at the campground entrance gates 24 hours a day.

Can I have a campfire? What about a barbecue?

No charcoal or open fires are permitted. Small camp stoves and small propane barbecues are okay.

What are quiet hours?

Campground quiet hours are 2AM-8AM daily.

Do you have electric/ water hookups for RVs?

There are no water hookups for RVs in the campground, but a pump out truck is available to campers upon request (for a fee). Big Rig campground has limited 30 amp and 50 amp sites available while supplies last.